Even though winter has already caused some headaches for Connecticut drivers, there is still times to have your car serviced to ensure you stay safe and warm.

Subaru vehicles are known for being all-wheel drive but a winter tire will give better traction than an all-season tire. In snow or ice conditions, winter tires work like a snow boot gripping the road and giving better control over your vehicle. You can also have the added peace of mind when you add studs to your winter tires.

Our service department at Suburban Subaru can help you get your car ready winter. IN addition to helping you make sure your tires in top shape, we recommend, having your cooling system flushed and filled to ensure a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water. Other fluids like oil, transmission and brake fluid should be changed as well. Don't forget to have your filters cleaned or changed if needed.

We will also be happy to check windshield wipers for tears or damage to make sure that when the precipitation comes, you will be able to see or to help keep ice from building up on the windshield.

Give us a call at Suburban Subaru and make an appointment before the winter strikes with it's full force.

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