How to Return Your Subaru Lease at Suburban Subaru of Troy

How to Return Your Subaru Lease in Troy, MI

Prepare for Your Subaru Lease Return Inspection

One of the many great benefits associated with leasing a Subaru is the ability to return it to our dealership and trade up for a current model. With your current lease coming to an end soon, now is the perfect time to prepare for your next Subaru experience. Before you can turn in your keys, however, you will need to bring the Subaru to us for the required inspection. The inspection will identify any damaged areas or areas that show excessive wear. These problem areas must be remedied before the car or SUV is returned to us. During your visit, you can also sign a disclosure that states the current odometer reading on your Subaru.

Many of our customers at Suburban Subaru benefit from a clean inspection report, but others may need to address a few minor issues. If repairs are required on your Subaru, you can book a follow-up auto inspection with us to ensure that the damages have been addressed satisfactorily. If your Subaru lease expires within the next month, call us today to book an inspection appointment.

Another critical step to take before the lease expires is to review the original equipment. Many Subaru cars and SUVs are leased with various extra items, such as mats, two or more fobs, a first aid kit, a spare tire, an owner’s manual and other essentials. These items should all be returned at the end of your lease, so take the time to ensure that they are still in the Subaru.

Find Your Next Subaru Vehicle at Suburban Subaru

While your attention is focused on returning your Subaru to us, you understandably are also eager to make plans for a new lease. Each year, Subaru models are updated in various ways. This may include re-styling throughout the interior and exterior, the addition of modernized features, improvements to performance capabilities, and more. At Suburban Subaru, our sales representatives are on-hand to provide you with the latest details about current models. We can support your decision-making process with a test drive so that you can pick out a new Subaru that you will enjoy driving for the next few years. Take time to check out the options by visiting our sales associates soon.

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