2020 Subaru Crosstrek

Your life has likely changed in significant ways since the effects of the pandemic first impacted the area. Regardless of where you are with your return to a new sense of normalcy, one thing is certain. It would be best if you kept your Subaru running well in the months and years ahead. What can you do to take great care of your Subaru?

Book an Oil and Filter Service Routinely

Your Subaru’s engine requires a generous supply of clean oil to operate efficiently, and it needs clean filters to prevent filth from reaching the inner components. Whether your vehicle is due for an oil change and filter replacements or unsure of your car's last time received these essential services, now is the time to act.

Learn About Other Needs from an Auto Inspection

When you bring your car or crossover SUV to Suburban Subaru of Troy regularly for oil changes and other recommended services, you are doing what it takes to care for your vehicle. However, some issues can develop that routine maintenance does not cover. The best time to find those issues is before they become problematic. Our techs can complete an auto inspection soon so that you can be aware of your car’s current condition in detail.

Take Your Subaru Out for a Drive

The battery, brakes, hoses, tires, belts, and other parts of your Subaru can weaken or deteriorate when the Subaru is not driven regularly and frequently. Has your Subaru been idle more than it once was because of the pandemic? Have you had a lifestyle change that has impacted your driving habits? Hop in the car today, and bring it by Suburban Subaru of Troy for maintenance services and an inspection.